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Sebcs - Value added Services (VAS)

Updated: Jul 22, 2022

Sebcs providing list of candidates as part of VAS for clients to look at the contact details and call candidate directly

  1. Abhishek Kushwaha - Mechanical Engineer (2022) passedout looking for suitable job in and around Bengaluru in design and project engineering.

  2. Tesjas A - Electrical Engineer (2021) passed out looking for suitabe job PAN india in Electrical and Automation Projects ,Engineering and Site services.

  3. Hari Srinivasan, Singapore based - I&C Engineer (1992) passedout with OT (cyber security) Experience with 30+ years experience in PLC , DCS & SCADA looking for OT-Cyber Security based jobs in Bengaluru.

Please contact our recruitment admin for detailed CV and next level of coordination

+91 97395 60418 / + 91 99800 47018

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