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The Times of Africa (TOA) is an international publication, working towards bringing endless opportunities in Africa to the World. Our success is in making TOA a platform that provides the relevant networking to do business with the African continent. Since a successful business is based on successful networking, we help you establish the right connections for better business opportunities. Since its inception, TOA has provided well-researched and in-depth insights on the business and investment opportunities in various countries of the African continent.

Times of Africa


Our publication provides a comprehensive platform to people from every stratum of the society who are enthusiastic about uplifting the economy of Africa. Budding writers such as Benson Afful from Ghana and Daniel Santos from Nigeria are testimonial of how TOA is gradually becoming the voice of the continent. Collaboration with the African Security Investigation and Africa-Asia Youth Foundation (AAYF). We have also provided opportunities to African students studying in Indian universities to undergo internship programmes for getting a practical experience of working in the industry. TOA has provided well-researched and in-depth insights on investment and business opportunities in different regions of the African continent. Companies such as Mahindra, TAFE and Indocorp have benefitted from the information and executed numerous project in the countries such as Ghana, Senegal, Sudan and Burkina Faso.EVENTS COVERE

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