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Plant Manager (Sebcs-Mys-Str-0322-001)


Job Type

Full Time

About the Role

1. To create, implement and manage the team's processes and operational systems of Admin, HR, Design, Production, Stores, Quality, Marketing, After Sales Service, Purchase & Logistics to achieve internal and external customer satisfaction.
2. To align and set individual career development / team goals to meet the Year On Year growth plans of the organization.
3. To guide, coach and mentor the team towards talent management & handling T & D function.
4. Conceptualize and Implement best practices across all functions.
To ensure timely compliance of all Statutory requirements.

Design and maintenance of optimum production layout in the factory. Ensure that production targets are met.
Effective Project Management of Orders for time and cost adherence
Ensure FAT (Factory Acceptance Test) and SAT (Site Acceptance Test) compliance of all orders
Man management on day to day basis to optimize the utilization of engineering time in assembly, application, I & C and Post sales service
Execution of project and product orders to ensure bottom line profitability
Maintenance of Raw Materials Store and Finished Goods store with effective inventory control


Qualification of suppliers and vendor development; timely vendor   payments

Implementation of ISO 9001:2015 standards and production of the   highest quality products.

SAP Maintenance & Support to team in the factory

Ensure proper incoming component quality by incoming component   inspection

Implement and operate MIS(weekly) from Sales, Purchase, Admin,   Customer Support, Operations, Service & HR

Preparing annual capital and revenue budgets for the Plant.

To ensure all statutory compliances in the factory. To be legally   compliant in all respects.

Periodical meeting with all reportees to give them feedback on their   performance.

Ensure customer satisfaction through direct contact/ personal calls,   feedback forms

To upgrade soft skills of all personnel in our company through   personal & collective training

Follow up sundry debtors on a weekly , monthly basis

To conduct first round interviews for all potential recruits.

Assist in achieving employee satisfaction   and motivation for higher levels of performance & reduction of attrition

Preparing of Roles & responsibilities for all company personnel

Overall cost control; Direct and Indirect

Take decisions on all routine administrative matters concerning all   departments

To approve product and project designs for   aesthetics, functionality, cost, ease of manufacture, ease of assembly, ease   of maintenance, convenience to the end user etc.

Help all departments to achieve ISO quality objectives

About the Company

Mid Segment Eng Company (Robotic and Automation)

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