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SAADHANA ENGINEERING & BUSINESS CONSULTING SERVICES is into providing Engineering & Business Development consultancy services for Field Engineering , Automation and IT/IIOT based projects in India and  countries around the world.

we as Business Development Consultants are responsible for helping companies and Startups to identify business weaknesses and challenges and determine relevant solutions. With these responsibilities, their position plays a crucial role in any company's growth and success and also expand their business in other countries with our strategic geo partners (SEBCS GP). This company has partners who can deliver “1 stop” solutions.

SEBCS Business development Activities:-

  1. Understands customer's Buying Patterns and Trends

  2. Believes in network Marketing

  3. Asks realistic & pragmatic Questions and Listens Intently

  4. Sets Goals and Develops Action Plans along with the customer

  5. Is the Right Type of Sales person for the Role 

  6. Possesses a High Curiosity Quotient

  7. Ability to Build a Brand as customer wants

  8. Sets Realistic and pragmatic  Expectations with Clients

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Information Science /technology and Software Automation projects

  • IS/IT and Software Development projects

  • Embedded Electronics and Internet of things (IOT)

  • Big Data /Business intelligence/Data warehouse/ETL



ASWATH BHARGAVA is an accomplished international delivery executive with over 26 years of experience in the Process (Oil and Gas) & Industrial Automation industry, in many senior positions across the world and gained experience in a wide range of fields including Instrumentation , Control system, Project Engineering, Site Engineering & Services, Customer services, Business development, System Integration and EPC .

At Dodsal, he held senior management roles as Manager – Control and Automation for Kuwait based projects (GC31 and EWTIP) , Sr. Technical Leader at Schneider Electric (Invensys /Foxboro) Dubai, UAE on SAMREF, KSA, Director – Spectro-Flux Engineering Bangalore India in various projects like JERP , Jamanagar (Bechtel, UK) and business development (Europe, Asia and Middle East) , Lead Engineer at Bechtel UK for Jamnagar Refinery project ,Sr Customer Service Manager – Invensys India (Service Business like AMC, Warranty, service sales etc) , Chennai India and engineering support (Australia, UK, USA, Italy).

He is an alumni of Malnad College of Engineering, Hassan, India.


Aswath N Bhargava

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•Priority for unemployed

•Career Counselling

•Training, Higher Education & Career Guidance

•Resume showcase for 12 Months

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